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We are DEDICATED and PASSIONATE about protecting what is valuable to you. 

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Health, Safety & Envriomental Consulting

The Vital Companies specialize in building a solid foundation, implementation, and maintenance of safety programs for companies in the Oil & Gas industry. We provide assistance to our customers to make sure they are compliant with the regulations of OSHA, DOT, and EPA​. We function in the capacity of an in house HSE Manager at fraction of the cost of an in house salary.

What do we do?

OSHA 300 Reporting and Recordkeeping
     • Maintain company specific OSHA 300 & 300A logs.
     • File quarterly WC 1017-A reports to LADOL.
     • Generate Near-Miss and Accident/Incident reports.
     • Complete post accident First Report of Injury forms.
     • Manage Worker's Comp file/claims for all post accidents.

Facility Inspections and Audits 
     • Perform regular facility walk-thru inspections identifying workplace hazards.
     • Document observations and provide corrective action results for each.
     • Generate hazard findings report and consult with appropriate person.
     • Perform facility audit based on regulatory requirements.
     • Audit Policy & Procedure manual/handbook based on regulatory requirements.
     • Audit Safety/Training Program Manual based on regulatory requirements.
     • Generate entire manuals outlined above if necessary.
     • Annual updates/revisions of manuals outlined above. 

Generate Required Regulatory Inspection Logs 
     • Chemical Inventory / MSDS Book.
     • Forklift Inspection.
     • Rigging Hardware (slings, shackles, etc.)
     • Fall Protection/Ladder/Climbing Devices.

ISNetworld Database  

     • Administer and maintain the company ISNetworld SSQ if mandated by clients.

External Audit Representation 
     • Present during any audit, inspection, etc. by any insurance company or agency.

Incident Investigation
     • Conduct formal accident investigations on all incidents to determine root cause.
     • Communicate findings to company point of contact.
     • Generate near miss reports on all near misses.

Safety Meetings
     • Conduct monthly safety meetings.
     • Review any near miss reports.
     • Discuss any incidents occurring during the month.
     • Field any employee safety related questions.
     •Conduct Drug & Alcohol Screening (random, post-accident, etc.)

Generate Accidental Injury/Illness Protocol
     • Set up affiliation with an Occupational Medical Clinic for treatment of employees in lieu of ER.
     • Results in tremendous cost savings for the company.
     • Employee gets released back to work sooner saving time and money.

Generate Emergency Action Plan 
     • Conduct annual fire drill as required.
     • Develop emergency evacuation routes and post where required.

Safety Meetings

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